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Add News Articles to a Team Page

posted this on July 18, 2012, 5:10 PM

Team News

Keep everyone up to speed on the latest team news!

*Any volunteer allocated to a team can edit that team's page.

Steps to Add News Articles to Team Pages:

  1. Go to Team Central >> Team Directory >> Team Home >> News.
  2. Click on Add News Entry.

  3. Click on the calendar image to select a Date for the news article.

  4. Enter a Title for the news article.

  5. Enter a Short Description for the news article. *Note: This will show up as a blurb on the Team Home Page.
  6. Enter the full news article under Details. *Note: this will be accessible when the news article is clicked on.
  7. Add an optional photo for the news article by clicking Upload New Photo. *Note: if you're using Internet Explorer, you may need to toggle between compatibility view and noncompatibility view at the top of your browser in order to see the upload options.
  8. Click on Choose File to choose an image from your computer.
  9. Locate the image on your computer, select it, and then click Open.
  10. Click Upload.
  11. Drag the edges of the crop box to crop the photo. *Note: the photo must be cropped to move on.
  12. Click on Crop.
  13. Click on Save Photo.
  14. When you're finished, click on Save at the bottom.
  15. Click on a news article to view the full news article.

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