US Youth Soccer Registration

To ensure a smooth integration with your state association, you will want to follow the steps below for setting up your new program. Setting up your program to sync with your state association is important so that vital information about participants and team personnel can be easy sent. If your state association uses Affinity, you will be able to pull player cards in Affinity which will include the Player photo as well as any other important information needed. 

To get started, navigate to Registration>>New Program.  

***If you are creating a Program and see that a new season is not available, please reach out to your governing body for assistance. The new season will have to be enabled before your program can be created.***

In Step 1, you will enter your Activity Type as Soccer and choose US Youth Soccer as your National Affiliation. Everything auto-populated in the drop down menus is coming directly from your state association.


Once this information has been selected, click Next to be taken through the other steps. 

Step 2 Will pull questions coming directly from US Youth Soccer as well as an Electronic Legal Agreements. These questions can not be removed and are set to required. 

All soccer clubs will be required to ask:

  • Country of Birth
  • Country of Citizenship
  • Has this player played outside of the US?

These questions are a requirement through US Soccer Federation. 

If your state association is affiliated with Affinity and requires additional information, you will also see these required questions as well. These questions can vary, depending on what is required by your state, but a few examples of these will be Player Photo and Player Birth Certificate


If your state association also requires specific waivers, these will also be shown. These electronic waivers can be read and then signed by the parent at the bottom. 


All required questions will be shown at the top of Step 2 in a section titled Program Questions Required for your Governing Body. All additional questions you wish to add can be added below as usual. 

Step 4: When choosing team personnel for your program, you may also see additional required questions set for each role. These questions are also required by your state association and can not be changed. An example of required questions might be:

  • Team Personnel Photo Upload
  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Additional Certifications
  • Drop-down/Radio/Text NGB custom questions
  • Electronic Legal Agreements

Step 6 has been set up for you based on the information chosen in Step 1. All of your divisions, names, and age requirements have been added based on the requirements from your state association. You will be able to edit the names of the divisions as well as remove ones you do not need but you will have limited control over the age ranges. 

The Age Ranges will be set by the state association. The max age can never be edited. The minimum age can only be edited if your association allows participants to play up. It will then be up to you to adjust that to allow the play ups to register. 

*****Important Tips****

You will still need to add the price for each division. Do not forget or it will default to 0. Also remember to go into the Advanced Settings to check on things like payment plans. 

Once you have gone over everything, you are all set to start registration. 

If at any point the Play Level or Season is changed in Step 1, new divisions will be created that follow the new criteria. If anyone has registered for the old divisions, they will remain available to transfer the players into the new ones.  

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