Failed Payments

Sometimes, when credit card information is entered incorrectly a payment will fail. There are a couple of reasons this can happen.

Some of the top error codes you might see are:

  • Address Mismatch - This occurs when the address listed on file with your credit card company does not match what you have entered on the checkout or receive payments page. You will want to make sure the address matches exactly with your CC statement. Something as simple as Dr vs Drive could cause it to fail. 
  • Card Declined
  • AVS Code Mismatch - Make sure the CVV code is correctly entered.

If you are the cardholder, you will want to double check your information and attempt to register again with the correct information. 

Once you have successfully completed registration, you may see more than one transaction appear on your credit card statement. None of the failed attempts will go through but your bank usually puts a hold on those transactions to verify. This hold is typically from 24-48 hours. Once the bank has verified the transaction failed, it will release the funds back to you. This process is completely up to the bank. You will want to contact your bank with any questions. 


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