Input and View Scores for iPhone

To input or view scores, just navigation to the Calendar tab on your menu and click the Results button in the top right corner. 


Once on this page, you will be able to view any scores already posted as well as post new scores ( Team Personnel access only ) To post scores, click on the Add Score button underneath the game you wish to edit. You will only be able to add scores to games if you are the Home team. 



This will allow you to tap in the team you wish to score and input the numbers from the keypad. Once you have added the scores, click Submit Scores


After the score has been posted, it can be viewed on the Results page. 

** The results may be pending approval on the app until an admin approves them within the website. This setting is determined by the admin of the site.

**Team Personnel can only submit scores if they are the home team. 

*** Team Personnel can only edit the scores while the game is awaiting admin approval. 



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