Pop Warner Football

If your club is affiliated with Pop Warner, you can now set up registration using weight. This will require participants to enter weight on their profile before choosing a program. From there, they will see the correct divisions based on their weight and age. They must fit both criteria in order to register into that division. 

To set this up, navigate to Registration>>New Program. Once you have chosen your program type, fill out the information for Step 1. Make sure to choose the Activity Type as Football and the National Affiliation as Pop Warner. Save Settings. 

Once Step 1 is complete, you can navigate through the registration steps like normal. When you get to Step 6, you will find that the divisions have already been set up for you based on Pop Warner guidelines. Each division has been named and given a weight and birthdate range provided by Pop Warner. It will be up to you to set the price, registration dates and season dates. The weight CAN NOT be changed for the division. You can change the age range to suit your clubs needs though. 

Once this program is created, weight will be set to required in Common>>Site Settings. As long as the program is active and not archived, the required settings can not be changed. If you wish to turn this off for any reason, make sure to archive all Pop Warner programs. 



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