Scheduled Emails

Scheduling emails is a great way to target your audience at a certain time. If you want to announce your registration opening, you can schedule the email ahead of time and not wait up all night to send it.

To schedule an email, go to the Email tab on the admin menu and create your email like normal. For more information on how to create an email, click here

Once your email has been created, click on Schedule Email at the bottom of the page. 


A pop up will appear where you can choose the date and time for when you want to send the email. Once you have chosen the date/time, click Save


You will redirected to the Scheduled Emails tab within the emailer. From here you can view emails that are scheduled to be sent. Once the email has been sent, you can view it in the Email Statistics.


If you would like to cancel the email before it is sent, click on the X next to the email you wish to cancel. You will receive a pop up message before finalizing. 


*** If you are scheduling an email coming from a template and you edit that template before the email is sent out, those changes will be reflected on that scheduled email. 

*** If you delete a template that is currently scheduled, you will delete the scheduled email as well, since it no longer has a template to pull from. 

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