Submitting Teams to Affinity

If you have already created these teams in Affinity, do not follow these steps. Players will need to be manually imported into your Affinity teams via the ADG Soccer/Affinity Soccer Player Import Report and/or the ADG Soccer/Affinity Soccer Volunteer File Import.

  1. If you have not done so already, navigate to Teams on the admin toolbar and choose a program and division. 

  2. Once all Players and Team Personnel have been allocated to your teams, click the Submit Team button to the right of the team.


  3. A modal will pop up asking you to confirm the submission, then you will receive a confirmation email of your team’s submission.


  4. Once submitted, the Submit Team button will update to Team Status.  Clicking this button will give you additional information about the submitted team.


  5. After Affinity receives the above information from Blue Sombrero, it then returns the State Team ID. The State Team ID can be found under the Team Details for each team. To access this, click the Edit dropdown next to the team then select Team Details. The Team ID is located under Additional Settings. Note once the State Team ID is returned it cannot be edited.



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