AYSO Board Member Submission

The AYSO Board Member Listing tool allows anyone with the “Regional Commissioner” user security role to enter volunteer board member positions and send an official board member list to AYSO National.

To access this tool, log into an administrator account with the “Regional Commissioner” security role. Click the Registration tab on the admin toolbar, then select Personnel > Board Members.


The next screen will show a list of all users eligible to become an official board member. Users must meet the following criteria to be an eligible board member:

  • Registered on your website for the standard volunteer role “Board Member”
  • Completed a background check submission form
  • Received a Green, Yellow or Orange background check status. Note that users with the Orange background check status will be blocked from financial security roles.

Find the user you want to set as an official board member, select their board role and enter the start and end date of their term. If the user is an authorized purchaser, click the check box on the right-most column. After your selections are made, click the Plus icon (+) next to the user’s name. They will be added to the Active Members section and are ready to be submitted to AYSO National. Repeat this process for all board positions, then click the Save & Submit button to submit your board to AYSO National.



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