Welcome Little League Partners

As we enter the second year of our exciting partnership with Little League, we've expanded our support and training resources in order to ensure a successful transition to Team Sports HQ.

We recommend exploring the entire support site for more step by step instructions on all of our admin features and capabilities. If you wish to sign up for one of our Little League specific webinars, please choose a time below. If you have any additional questions after the webinar, feel free to email our support team at adminhelp@bluesombrero.com.

Here are some helpful links to get your Little League season up and running. These guides relate to common questions and features we have come across with our Little League partners.

When setting up your Little League program, make sure you are choosing Little League as National Affiliation in Step 1. 


In Step 2, you will have two pre-defined questions specific to Little League. These questions can not be removed but you do not have to require them. Little League National wishes to collect this information from their customers. 


A big issue for Little Leagues is ensuring proof or residency. Make sure you add the correct document upload questions in site settings to ensure this information is collected. For information on this, click on this guide. You can also add this on the program level in Step 2 if you only require it for a certain program. 

After your program is up and running, here are a few links that you will find useful. 

  • To learn how to build teams, click on this guide
  • To edit teams after they have been created, click on this guide. 

Once teams and schedules have been created, you can allow coaches to input their own scores, track pitch counts and view stats. 

  • To allow team personnel to score games, click on this guide
  • To view the Pitch Count Report as coach/volunteer for a team, click on this guide
  • To view the Pitch Count Report as an admin, click on this guide





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