Import Teams

Import Team allows you to import your rosters from a CSV file. If your organization prefers to build teams outside of the system, this will allow you to import the results of the external team building process.

Once imported, you can add additional teams or allocate additional volunteers and players manually.

You will only be able to add players/volunteers to teams that are already registered in the system for that division. If the player id/volunteer id is not found in the system, the player/volunteer will not be assigned to a team.

To get started, navigate to Teams on your admin menu. Once there, select your program and division and click Add New Team. Select Import Team.


You will be taken to a pop up with instructions on how to import teams. We recommend exporting the Unallocated Players/Team Personnel to have a complete list as well as have the player name match up with the Player ID. You must include the Player ID in the import.


Use these reports to build out your teams. When you are ready to import back in, you will need to make sure your import file is saved as a CSV and follows the exact formatting of the import sample.

Columns A-G of your file must match the import file. Even if you do not have information for those columns, they still must be included. You may add additional columns to the import such as address, recent team, etc. and it will not harm the import process as long as they come after the required columns A-G.

We encourage you to import volunteers and players on the same report. You will need to paste in the VolunteerID and VolunteerTypeID columns. Both of these can be found in the Unallocated Team Personnel Report.

Once you Choose File, Import CSV. You receive a log at the bottom of the pop up that will let you know if the import was successful. If the import was not successful, you will receive an error log letting you know exact what needs to be fixed. The error will tell you exactly what the issue was as well as the row it can be found on.

Important things to note:

  1. If you have already created teams, the import will match with that team name and allocate players
  2. If you have not created teams, the Team Name will be created for you upon import.
  3. You can not allocate players to more than one team in a division. The import will allocate them to the first team on the list and skip over the next team.
  4. If you are attempting to import a player to an archived team it will not unarchive that team. Instead it will skip that player.
  5. Volunteers can be allocated to multiple teams for the same role if you include them in the import, however it will not allocate the same volunteer multiple times to the same team

Once you have achieved a successful import, remember to click Make Teams to complete the process.

If you need to make any changes after the import, you are still free to manually edit teams.


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