Site Level Family Discount

Much like the Family Discount for Program, you can set up a Family Discount that will be applied sitewide, for all Programs in a given period. Amounts set will be automatically subtracted from the Division price at checkout for qualifying participants, during the configured time period. This is a perfect complement for organizations with multiple sports registering during the same time period.

If you're not already on the Site Settings screen, you can navigate there by going to Common > Site Settings > then scroll to Donations, Fees, & Discounts.

  1. Enter dollar amounts for you wish to be discounted for 2nd Participant to 5th & Greater (The 1st Participant in a family will never receive a family discount). Just leave the amount field blank if you do not wish to give a discount for that Participant level.
  2. Enter a Max Number Of Participant Discounts Per Family to add a cap to the number of Family Discounts offered per family. If you do not wish to have a maximum limit, then leave this field blank.
  3. Enter a Start Date and an End Date range for the Family Discount. These fields are required for the Site Family Discount, and will determine how long the discount period is valid.
  4. Reset Discount will clear all Site Family Discount settings and restart the discounts for all players. This will allow you to configure the discount again for a new season.



-If your season has already started registration, we do not advise setting up the Site Family Discount. This can make tracking and reconciling which families have and have not received discounts difficult. Its best to have this configured at the beginning of each season.

-If you have activated the family discount in the site settings, this will trump the family discount within a program. You will see a warning on Step 3 of the program set up if you have enabled it on the site level. A participant will not get both discounts. 


-Family Discounts are applied to Transfer orders. If a registration has taken place in a previous period, before the Site Family Discount was configured, this participant could be eligible to receive a Site Family Discount upon transfer. To avoid this, please reset the discount after your registration period has closed or manually adjust the resulting order.

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