Little League Season Setup

Setting up your Little League season has never been easier. Little League Baseball & Softball partners won’t need to manually submit their player & team personnel registration information up to Little League National.

To get started, you will need to go to Registration>>Create New Program, to set up your new season. In Step 1 of the set up, make sure to choose Baseball as your Activity Type and Little League as your Affiliation

Based off of your Little League ID that we’ve already collected from you, the system will automatically configure the following fields: Region, State, District, League, & Season.


Click Next and notice on Step 2 we also included two questions from Little League National. You can choose to require these questions or just keep them as displayed only.


Go through your program set up all the way to Step 6. In Step 6, the system will automatically configure your divisions for you based on the requirements from Little League National.

**You won’t be able to create any new divisions here but you can adjust default configurations for current divisions and copy divisions if needed**

Click on Finish and you’re good to go! Once players and team personnel start registering through your site, the system will automatically send their information up to Little League National - no need to manually export and import anymore


If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our amazing support team at or 866-258-3303

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