Best Practices For Uploading A File

Have you ever run into an error stating your file size is too large? Chances are the file size can be uploaded into your system if it is uploaded directly to your central file manager. The document manager found when editing a page or an email can only allow about half of the file size. 

You might encounter a file size that is too large if you are uploading a photo onto an inner page or when creating an email. If this happens, go to Common>>Files.

If you right click your mouse over Files, you can choose to open up in a new tab so you do not lose any work. 


Click on either the Docs or Images folder, depending on what your file type is. Once the folder is open, click on the Upload button in the upper right corner of the page. 


Once the file has been uploaded, you can go back to the previous page you were working on and click on the File or Image Manager to find the file you just added. 


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