Little League Pitch Count Report

The Little League Pitch Count Report will pull basic player/game information into excel so that admins can see the pitch counts of recent games.

**This report is specific to Little League because it caters to their specific league age criteria. If you are looking to pull pitch count information into a report, it will still be helpful to you. Please note the league age may be different from your criteria though.**

First, make sure you have entered pitch counts when scoring games. For more info on how to do this, visit the Player Statistics guide. 

Once the pitch count has been updated, go to Reports>> Baseball/Softball Pitch Count Report>>View

From there you will have the option to choose the program, or select View All. 

For all Baseball programs, the league age will be calculated by an April 30th cut off, which is what is specified by Little League.

This report automatically accounts for the different age determination dates between those born before and after 2006.

For all Softball programs, the league age will be calculated by a Dec 31s cut off, which is specified by Little League. 


Once viewed, you can export the report to Excel or CSV. 

**Please note that this report will only be available for activities types Baseball or Softball. Activity Type can be found in Step 1 of the registration set up.**

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