Teams for Android

Teams will allow you to see everything for a particular team. By selecting a team, you can view just the one team's schedule, roster information, notes, and photo gallery. This section also allows you to message groups of people via text message or email.

To view information for a particular team, click on that team. 

The landing page for that team will show calendar, roster and picture information.

***The team store will only show for organizations that have it enabled on their main site. If this is something you are interested in, please contact the admin from your organization.***


If you would like to email/text people on your team, click on View & Message Team and then click Message in the top right corner of the page. 


You will be able to choose between Email or Text Message.


You will be able to select everyone you want to include in this message and click Done.


This will open into the appropriate messaging option based on what you have chosen. 

Screenshot_2017-03-23-13-34-19.png   Screenshot_2017-03-23-13-34-54.png



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