When will Blue Sombrero be available?
Blue Sombrero websites have been available since February. Player and Volunteer registration will be available for MY2017 starting on Sept. 7, 2016.
If Regions want to hold an Open Registration for Spring MY 2016, they can use Blue Sombrero. Any National Player Fees paid will not be charged. All parents and volunteers will have to create a new login on Blue Sombrero in order to enable the single-sign on utility and to upgrade our security credentials.
When will eAYSO go dark?
The plan is for eAYSO to slowly fade out of use. Once a Region begins accepting registrations in Blue Sombrero, Regions should disable registration in eAYSO. We encourage Regions to finish their fall and spring season of MY2016 in eAYSO. eAYSO will not allow registration for MY2017.
For what Membership Year can I start registering players?
You can start registering players in Blue Sombrero for MY2017.
What is the National Player Fee?
The AYSO Membership Fee (formerly known as the National Player Fee) is non-refundable and non-transferable member fee to participate in AYSO. Membership in AYSO is required for each Membership Year (8/1 - 7/31) before a member may participate in any AYSO program or event. This fee entitles the member to all benefits for that membership year, including:
Membership Player ID Card
Annual subscription to the PLAYSOCCER Magazine
Soccer Accident Insurance
Special offers and discounts
Access to the AYSO Player website channel
When will the National Player Fee be debited?
The AYSO Membership Fee will be added to the shopping cart when a parent applies for their child to play in a program. The AYSO Membership fee will only be charged once per Membership Year regardless of the number of programs or Regions the player participates in.
Why is the AYSO Membership Fee non-refundable?
Membership in AYSO is required for each Membership Year (8/1 - 7/31) before a member may participate in any AYSO program or event. This fee entitles the member to all benefits for that membership year including:
Membership Player ID Card
Annual subscription to the PLAYSOCCER Magazine
Soccer Accident Insurance
Special offers and discounts
Access to the AYSO Player website channel
Once issued or purchased, some of these items cannot be refunded/returned. This is consistent with other youth sports organizations.
What will the login credentials for Blue Sombrero be?
The login credential for Blue Sombrero will be a user select user ID and password. Email will not be a login user ID.
Will I be able to accept cash and checks? What is the process?
Yes, cash and checks may be accepted by Regions, but are not recommended. When parents pay by either credit card, debit card or pre-paid credit cards the fees flow through Blue Sombrero directly to Region, Area, Section and National Office bank accounts with complete transparency. Corresponding automated entries are made to NAP Online to record revenue and provide financial updates. 
When a Region, Area or Section accepts cash or check payments, they will be required to use an AYSO American Express corporate credit card to pay for the player’s National Membership fees since payment of the National Membership fee “registers” a player to make the player eligible to be assigned to a team and print a player ID card. 
The AYSO AMEX card is available to the Regional Commissioner, Area Director, or Section Director.
If you are a Section Director, Area Director or Regional Commissioner and would like an AMEX credit card for Region use, please contact regionAMEX@ayso.org to start the process for obtaining the Region corporate AMEX credit card. Note that no one else on the Regional Board can submit a request for an AMEX credit card. 
Will there be a data transfer from eAYSO to Blue Sombrero?
There will not be data transfer to Blue Sombrero. All the historical data will remain in eAYSO and all new information will be updated from Blue Sombrero through Application Program Interfaces (APIs).
Certifications: Certifications will continue to be associated with the volunteer record when the volunteer applies on Blue Sombrero.
Player Ratings: Just as in eAYSO, Player Ratings will not transfer from eAYSO to the new player record. Any player ratings stored in Blue Sombrero will stay associated with that player season to season and they can be used in automatic team assignment.
Player/Volunteer history: Yes. All player and volunteer information will continue to update in eAYSO.
Why is Blue Sombrero asking for my banking information?
The preferred method of payment in Blue Sombrero is credit cards, debit cards or pre-paid credit cards. Payments collected by Blue Sombrero are automatically routed to a Region’s bank via ACH transfer for all Region fees collected. Similarly, the AYSO Membership fee will be automatically routed to the National bank account, eliminating Player Fee Invoicing, Accounts Receivable and Top 5 Reporting.
In the long run, this will dramatically simplify Region fund management. Nonetheless, cash/check payments may be accepted, but require additional Region processing.
There will be a weekly deposit to the Region’s bank account of all the fees that are collected and paid by credit card and a corresponding MDRF will be automatically logged into the Region’s NAP online account.
Why is Blue Sombrero holding the player registration funds for one week?    
It generally takes time for credit card companies to transfer funds and for Blue Sombrero to reconcile all transactions. Unlike some credit card vendors, Blue Sombrero provides detailed transaction/player reporting tied to the specific AYSO Program and Division.
Where can I find all the treasurer reports and bank statements?
Bank statements, budgets and financial reports will be available on NAP Online.
Will there be multi-player discounts?  
Yes, Regions will be able to offer multi-player discounts, called “Family Discounts” in Blue Sombrero, as well as many other discounts.
Regions will also be able to set fees by Division and set up payment plans.
Regions will no longer have to include the National Player Fee in their fee calculations.
Is there a limit to how many Regions a player can register in?
No, the player can register for more than one program in more than one Region. The player will only be required to pay the AYSO Membership Fee once for each Membership Year. Some programs may have additional fees.
Will the Region and coach information be available for parents?
When the Region creates teams they will decide when the coach information and team pages will be available for the Region.
What are Region Team Pages?
Every team created in Blue Sombrero is automatically generated a Team Page. Coaches and volunteers associated with this team have full control to upload pictures, create team events and message team members on these pages. Parents can also access these pages to upload photos of their own.
Will there be a mobile app? If so, what is it called?
Team Sports HQ is Blue Sombrero’s free mobile app focused on players and parents. The app gives parents one convenient place to view their players’ schedules, find directions to fields, communicate with one another and share game photos. The app is available for Android and iOS.
Will we be able to pull the same reports we have on eAYSO?
Blue Sombrero has a very robust reporting tool. There are many similar reports already formatted and every report can be modified and saved as a separate version (including separate data fields). There are ad hoc reporting options.
Will more than one parent be linked to a player?
Yes, a parent can invite any number of parents, guardians, grandparents or sitters to be linked to a player’s ID.
Will the players/volunteers get a new AYSO ID number?
No, returning players and volunteers will be assigned the same AYSO ID as long as their primary information matches.
Will the background check and Safe Haven flag process be the same as in eAYSO?
Almost, the processes are very similar. When a volunteer applies, he/she will be prompted to submit a SSN and consent to a background check if he has not had one conducted in the last 12 months.  
AYSO and Blue Sombrero will not store SSNs.
The background screening and volunteer eligibility policies remain the same.
Will a volunteer be able to choose from entering ID, DL or Passport number?
Yes, the same options as in eAYSO will be available.
Is Blue Sombrero going to be able to merge players and volunteers when more than one ID is created?
Regional commissioners are able to merge family accounts when parents accidentally create duplicates. They are then able to archive duplicate players or volunteers. If an existing player or volunteer is created in Blue Sombrero, but that user is given a new AYSO ID, there is a mismatch between AYSO’s records and the data entered in Blue Sombrero. For example, this could happen if a player was entered with the first name Benjamin in AYSO and entered as Ben in Blue Sombrero. Users are not able to edit the player information after they receive an AYSO ID. They will want to delete that registration and start a new one with matching information. If that does not work, you will want to contact support. 
Will the EES process be available for Regions?
No, Blue Sombrero will not offer the EES process. All players must register online.
Will a Region be able add players at the Region level?
Yes, but contrary to policy, they’ll require eSignatures.
Will I have trouble resetting my password?
Blue Sombrero has an industry standard password reset tool. It will be easy, fast and simple.
Will Blue Sombrero allow Regions to balance teams?
Yes, Blue Sombrero has created a great team balancing and team building tool.
Who should we call with questions or problems about Blue Sombrero?
Blue Sombrero has extensive support documentation with screenshots and videos at support.bluesombrero.com. We highly recommend looking there first for any Blue Sombrero questions.
If you do need further assistance, Regional Commissioners will receive priority support by emailing aysosupport@bluesombrero.com or by calling 866-258-3303. Parents with questions may email support@bluesombrero.com.  
Does Blue Sombrero have a confirmation email sent to parents/volunteers when they register a player or a volunteer?
Yes. Region Commissioners are able to add information to this email on Step 5 of their program setup.
Will there be a sibling link between players?
Yes. Every player in Blue Sombrero is created under a family account. That means users only need one login for all their players’ registrations, volunteer roles, team communication and mobile app access.
When selecting programs, are the programs that are not available going to be “greyed out” to avoid parents selecting the wrong program?
Yes, they won’t be visible to anyone but the Admin. When creating a family account, users must enter their participants’ genders and dates of birth. Participants must be age and gender eligible for a program to see and register for it.
Can parents/volunteers print their registration forms?
Yes. If you’ve registered your player already, you can print the form under “My Account.” You will see a “View/Print Form” link and you can print from there.
Does the page automatically save when going to the next screen?
Yes, and the page goes into the shopping cart.
Does the registration form time out? If so, after how long?
No, but if a user stays too long on the eSignature or screen, Blue Sombrero will time out the session to protect the user’s account security. As a security precaution, the system will also time out on the check out screen since CC information can be displayed. 
I don’t have a cell phone, why is it required?
Parents will have the option to opt-in to receive text message alerts from the Region. A cell phone is needed for this feature. If you don’t have a cell phone, please enter your home phone number and opt-out from the text messages alerts.
What does each admin have access to? Which Blue Sombrero screens can they view?
Regional Commissioners, Assistant Regional Commissioners and Registrars have access to all admin pages. Treasurers are able to see all Report and Order-related admin pages. Child and Volunteer Protection Advocates and Coach Administrators are able to see all team-related admin pages. Division Coordinators are able to see all team-related admin pages for the specified division.
Can a parent update the player information? 
Yes. Parents can go into the player profile on their account page to edit this. 
Will player rankings get uploaded to eAYSO?
No, admin will need to manually enter player rankings into Blue Sombrero’s system.
Can coaches schedule their practice? If so how? 

Yes, using our custom event tool. More information can be found on our support site. https://bluesombrero.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/229726508-Creating-Team-Events-as-Volunteer-Practices

Is there a notification to the Admin when a volunteer that has been previously allocated to a team gets flagged?

There is not a notification generated from Blue Sombrero. The user is automatically removed from the team and any website security roles are removed from the user’s account.

 Do we have a tutorial or video for team pages for coaches?


Can we give scholarships to parents? 

Admins are not able to discount AYSO National Fees in Blue Sombrero. However, admins are able to give discounts and coupons to their users. More information is available on our support site. https://bluesombrero.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/228185387-Configure-Coupon-Discount-Codes

Can we play with the system to get familiar with it before opening registration? 

Admins can gain access to their site whenever they like. They are not able to run test registrations, as AYSO requires a National Fee paid to create an order in Blue Sombrero.

Can we take donations? 

Admins can set up a donation solicit to appear at the checkout screen. Admins can set four recommended donation amounts, and enable users to enter a custom donation amount.

Are all fields, like player medical information, required? 

All fields required by AYSO National are locked down as required, and automatically appear as required fields in Blue Sombrero. All fields that aren’t required by AYSO National are automatically set to Not Required. These questions can be set to Required if the admin chooses to do so.



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