Updating Your Authorize.net Settings

In order to maintain the highest level of payment security, we are undergoing some changes in how we handle our payment processing. Due to these changes, every organization that uses their own merchant account will need to Obtain a Public Key and turn on your Customer Information Manager on their Authorize.net account.

Obtaining your Public Client Key

Log in to the Authorize.Net merchant interface and navigate to Account > Settings > Security Settings > General Security Settings > Manage Public Client Key.


In the area called Create New Public Client Key, enter your secret answer to the secret question and click Submit

Copy the public client key to your clipboard and then navigation over to your DICK’S Team Sports HQ website.

Go to Common >> Payment Settings. Then paste your Public Client Key in the text field labeled “Authorize.net Public Client Key” under the “Banking Information” section.publickey.png

Turning On Customer Information Manager

Log in to the Authorize.Net merchant interface and navigate to Tools.

Once on Tools, click on Customer Information Manager.

Click a blue link at the bottom to Sign Up for Customer Information Manager (CIM) Now.


Read through the Terms and Conditions and agree to them.


That is it. You are all set!

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