Enabling Scores for Team Personnel

Any Team Personnel can now input their own game scores! This new feature is disabled by default but can easily be enabled from your Team Directory Settings.

Enabling Scores Setting as an Administrator

To enable this setting- navigate to Team Central>>Team Directory>>Manage Teams. From there you will be able to Allow Home Team Volunteers to Update Scores. If you are Team Personnel and do not have the ability to edit scores, you will need to contact your Club Administrator to allow this access. 

There are two different methods for allowing team personnel to input scores:


System automatically posts scores:

In this method, whenever a team representative submits the score for their home game, the system considers it final and posts it automatically. Administrators will receive an email with the updated score.

Admin is responsible for reviewing and posting scores:

In this method, whenever a team personnel inputs the score for their home game, the system updates the score for only the admin to view but does not post the score yet. The score is marked as “pending approval” on the results page. Admins will then receive an email that a score has been updated - encouraging them to navigate to their Scores page (under Schedules) to review and post from there.

To learn more about how to input scores as Team Personnel, Click Here.  

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