Update Security Roles/ Permissions on User Accounts

If you wish to add a bunch of people to a single role, it is best to do so by going through Common>>Roles. Click Here for a guide on how to do this. 

If you would like to give an individual user specific roles, you will want to go to Common>>Search and Manage Users. 


From there, you can search for a particular account. Once the account has been found, click Manage Account>>Update Roles/Permissions


You will be taken to the Edit Roles page for that particular account, where you can add the correct roles needed. 


Reminder: If you are giving someone the Club Admin role, no other roles should be given!!

If you are giving someone Teams admin role, do not assign them the Division Manager role as well. 

If you wish to give someone Division Manager access, please Click Here for the correct steps. 

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