Registration Listing Email Template

It is now easier than ever to communicate to your club about open registrations. We have created an awesome new template that lets you choose exactly which programs and divisions you display within the email. 

To take advantage of this, go to the Email landing page. You will start creating your email like usual by adding recipients, and subject line. After this has been done, click on the Select a Template drop down and choose Registrations


Once the template has been chosen, you will be able to select which registrations you want to display. 


Once you save your selections, the template will be built out. 


You can edit the email like normal and remove content if you wish. If you want to remove or add additional programs/divisions to the template, make sure to click the Update Registrations button at the bottom. 


Once you have created the email to your liking, you can save as a template or send. 

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