Player Document Upload

Player Document Upload is a great way for your club to require multiple documents upon registration. The best example of this is proof of residency. Some clubs require multiple proofs of residency and this feature will allow you to gather all of this information. To take advantage of this feature, go to Common>>Site Settings. Once on the Site Settings, you will expand the User Settings section. 


Once on User Settings, scroll down to the Player File/Document Upload section and click New Field. 


You will fill out the required info for the new field and decide which file types to accept. The question does not actually need to be in question form. In the example below, I listed that this was for the first proof of residency. Once all information has been added, make sure to click Continue at the bottom of the section to save. 


Once your fields have been added, they will show up under the participant information when creating a new account. If the field is required, existing accounts will be prompted to update their info before a new registration. 

After registration is complete, you can verify their documents by going to Player Verification

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