AYSO Known Issues

Users must complete multiple volunteer registrations - Blue Sombrero's volunteer system is designed to allow volunteers to be allocated to teams, giving them access to view their roster information, edit their team pages and directly message their team members' parents. This requires volunteers to create a unique registration for each role.
Users unable to update identifying information - Users are restricted from editing identifying information after registering as a player or a volunteer. This prevents users from incorrectly paying National Fees. If an update is needed, please contact aysosupport@bluesombrero.com.
Unable to allocate volunteers to team - You may come across volunteers that are greyed out and are unable to be allocated to teams.  This is a direct result of the volunteer form not being e-signed or needing an updated e-signature.  An easy way to spot this is by hovering over the volunteer name in the team builder, when attempting to allocate the volunteer in question to a team.  The volunteer will need to update the e-signature for the volunteer role on his/her 'My Account' to enable the ability to be rostered.
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