AYSO Known Issues

Player transfer disabled - AYSO has a unique fee disbursement process allowing for automatic collection and disbursement of AYSO National Fees. Transfers make these fees difficult to track and document, so this feature is disabled until these complications are resolved. In the meantime, administrators can manually register users into the correct divisions, zeroing out their division fees. Here is a support guide explaining the process.
Users must complete multiple volunteer registrations - Blue Sombrero's volunteer system is designed to allow volunteers to be allocated to teams, giving them access to view their roster information, edit their team pages and directly message their team members' parents. This requires volunteers to create a unique registration for each role.
Users unable to update identifying information - Users are restricted from editing identifying information after registering as a player or a volunteer. This prevents users from incorrectly paying National Fees. If an update is needed, please contact aysosupport@bluesombrero.com.
Yellow and Orange status restrictions swapped - The Yellow and Orange Safe Haven status restrictions are switched. Yellow volunteers are restricted from funds and Orange volunteers are restricted from coaching. Blue Sombrero is working on an update to correct both background check statuses, so Yellow is restricted from coaching and Orange is restricted from funds.
Unable to verify players without an uploaded file - Currently the system is set up to verify players on the understanding that a file is uploaded to the account.  If a file is not uploaded to the account, verifying a player is not an option at this time.  We are working quickly to enhance this feature, allowing players to be verified without an uploaded file. 
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