Export Unallocated Players/Team Personnel

When building teams, sometimes it is necessary to see all the information of people within the division at once. This is particularity important for someone like the Division Manager whose sole job is to build out teams. We have made it easier to get this information by adding an Export Unallocated button on the division landing page. Anyone who can build teams will have access to this button and all the player information for everyone unallocated and registered for that division. 

To find this, just go to Teams and choose the Program>>Division you wish to view. Once on the correct division, you will see the Export Unallocated button. Click and choose Team Personnel or Players to export the information. 


Once exported, you will get access to all registration information as well as player data such as evaluation rankings. This information is also available when building teams by adding the columns to the page. For more information, click on this guide

**TIP** This is extremely useful for division managers who otherwise would not have access to any reports. 



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