Copy Existing Registration Forms (Programs & Divisions)

Copy Existing Registration Forms

Copying Registration Forms, will create a duplicate of the Registration Form you select to copy, along with all the questions, fees, and Division Details you previously set up in this form. This is helpful when you are creating seasonal registration forms because it will not up the Division Details dates. 

All Registration Dates, Season Dates, Payment Plan Dates, and Min/Max Age Dates will remain the same. If you are not making any question or fee changes to this new Registration Form, then you need to rename the copied Registration Form to remove the "copy of" text. You should also rename your divisions to remove the "copy of" text.

Steps to Copy an Existing Registration Form:

  1. Click on the Registration button on the blue Control Panel at the top of your screen. This will take you to your Registration Landing Page.


  2. Now click on Copy next to the Registration Form you wish to copy.


  3. This will take you into our Registration Wizard with the newly copied Registration Form ready for you to make any edits to. **Make sure to change the name of your Program (Step 1 of Reg Wizard) and the name of your Divisions (Step 6 of Reg Wizard).




  4.  When changing the program name, you will encounter a pop up message. This message was intended to prevent admins from changing the program name without copying a new program. Since you have taken the proper steps and created a new copied program, you can click Yes, I Know What I'm Doing to save the program name changes and continue.copyclone.jpgt
  5. The copy feature will not up the Registration Dates, Payment Plan Dates, Season Dates, or Min/Max Age Dates. These will all remain the same within the copied Registration Form.
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