Do a Test Registration

Test Registration

Many Admins want to do a fake/test registration to see the registration process through the parent's or participant's eyes.

Steps to do a Test Registration:

  1. If you're currently logged in as the Admin, log out of your website.
  2. Once you are logged out. click on Register in the top right hand corner of your site.

  3. Fill out the New Customer Primary Contact section on the Login screen. Then click on Create New Account.

  4. Fill out the Primary Parent/Guardian Information section. Click on Continue.

  5. Fill out the New Participant Information section. Make sure to put in a birth date that you know will fit within the Min and Max age range you set for one of your divisions. Click on Continue.


  6. Select the Program you'd like to sign up for. Click on Continue.


  7. Fill out all the Registration Information. Click on Continue.


  8. If you have Volunteer roles displayed, feel free to sign up a test volunteer here. Click on Continue
  9. The last screen is the Checkout screen.
    1. Confirm your Payment Options (Pay in Full, Payment Plans.) Click on Continue.

    2. Confirm your Donation Selection. Click on Continue.

    3. Confirm your Payment Information (Mail in Check, Credit.) Click on Continue.

          4.  Confirm your total Order. Click Submit Order.

    You just completed the process the participants will go through to register!

  10. If you clicked on Submit at the checkout screen, you'll probably want to remove this test registration by following the steps to Cancel a Single Player.
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