Tryout Program Overview

Two-step Tryout Process:

Blue Sombrero offers an intuitive, two-step registration process for handling tryouts online.

  1. First, your parents will register their children online for the actual tryout, which usually doesn’t cost a thing, but allows the club to better organize the event. This allows your coaches to come prepared with information on all players attending the tryout. Once tryouts are held, and teams are built online, you can send out a system generated Participant Made the Team Email to the families of the chosen players. This email informs the parents that their child has been selected, and will include the final steps they need to take in order to finalize their acceptance and position on the team.
  2. Lastly, those parents follow the steps in the Participant Made the Team Email to log back into their account, accept their position on the team, and make a secure payment online for the cost of the program.

Helpful Tips for Tryout Programs:

Tryout programs are a little more complex to set up than non-tryout or camp programs. Because of this we have compiled some helpful tips to help you get things set up for your tryout program.

*******You should not choose a tryout program if your club simply does evaluations. This is slightly different from a tryout because everyone still makes a team, you are just determining which team to add them to. If you truly do have people who will not make the team or there is a different pricing structure related to a particular team you make, you will want to choose a tryout program. *********

Naming Your Tryout Programs

Program names should be kept consistent with the year first, and then season if applicable. This is important for reporting purposes, listing of program names, etc. It will also help keep all of your programs in the correct order chronologically.

2013-2014 Competitive 
2013 Fall Rec
2014 Spring Rec 

Displaying Questions for Tryouts and Questions for Program Details.

You can select which step to display your program questions in by clicking on "Edit" next to the program question. "During Tryout Registration" means the question will be asked during the tryout portion process. "During Division Registration" means the question will be asked after the participant has made the team and is coming back into the system to accept their position and pay for the division.

Filling out the Email Sections

Be sure that when creating a new Tryout Program you carefully enter the Tryout Registration Confirmation Email, Division Registration Confirmation Email, Participant Made the Team Email, Participant Did Not Make the Team Email, and the Club Policies Contract as these will all be used throughout the process and will be the best place to give your parents information about the league.

  1. Tryout Registration Confirmation Email
    *This email is sent to users after they register for tryouts.
  2. Division Registration Confirmation Email
    *This email is sent to users after the register. For Tryout Programs, this email is sent after the participant accepts their position on a team.
  3. Participant Made the Team Email
    *This email is sent to users when the participant makes the team after tryouts. Yay!made_the_team.png
  4. Participant Did Not Make the Team Email
    *This email is sent to users when the participant does not make the team after tryouts. did_not_make_the_team.png 
  5. Club Policies Contract
    *This text will be presented to the user after a participant accepts their position on a team. The user will have to agree to the terms before completing registration. 

*Please note: We have already added in the following steps to the Participant Made the Team Email to make it easier on your set-up (these steps will automatically show to the user). Feel free to add any custom messaging which will appear below these steps.

Easy Steps to Accept Tryout Position:
  1. Go to your website (enter your website address).
  2. Click on Login.
  3. Enter your username and password (you created this when registering for tryouts).
  4. Click on "TRYOUT ACCEPTANCE" right by the Player's Name.
  5. Continue through to checkout and submit payment!

Working with the price

When creating your Divisions, be sure that you enter the entire amount of the season's cost in the PRICE field (Fall and Spring only). You can then add a MINIMUM PAYMENT AMOUNT or PAYMENT PLAN option for the cost of the Fall Season so that your players have the choice of paying for Fall Only at this time or the Full Season cost. Should they choose to pay the deposit amount, they will be able to log back into their account next season and pay the balance of their fees. You will also want to enter the cost of the Tryout in the field called TRYOUT FEE AMOUNT.

Checking the dates

MISC: Be sure to always check your dates when entering fields in the Division Details as this will determine what your parents will see as available when they register. 

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