Archive Old Registration Forms (Programs & Divisions)

Archive Registration Forms (Programs & Divisions)

Archiving Registration Forms allows you to remove a program and all of its related entities (all divisions and all teams under the program) from all pages, reports, and listings. Don't worry, you can always unarchive the program if you change your mind, which will restore the program and all of its related entities.

Steps to Archive Registration Forms:

  1. Click on Registration in your blue Control Panel at the top of the screen. This will take you to your Registration Landing Page.
  2. Click on Archive next to the Registration Form you'd like to archive/delete/remove. *The more registrations received for that Registration Form, the longer it will take that form to archive. In addition to archiving the program and divisions, it will also archive teams associated with the divisions.

  3. Once archived, programs and corresponding divisions/teams will not appear on the Registration Forms screen, Team Listing screen, Team Directory screen, Match Scheduler screens, Bulk Email screen, or Posted Schedules screen. *Note: You will not be able to run or create any reports on archived program unless you unarchive them first.
  4. To restore the program, just click on Archived Programs on your Registration Landing Page.

  5. Then click on Unarchive Program if you wish to restore the program and corresponding divisions/teams.


*Note: If you accidentally delete a program, that program will not be removed from your site. The program will appear in your Archive Programs menu as an Archived Program. You will have the option to unarchive it if necessary.

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