Assign a Division Manager

Division Manager

The Division Manager role gives users access to build teams, send accepted/rejected emails through the Team Builder, and send rosters to teams within the division assigned.

Division Managers also have access to edit all team pages included in that particular divisions. This will include editing the team page, adding photos, and creating custom events (if allowed by the admin).  

Steps to Assign Division Manager Access:

  1. Click on the Registration button on your admin menu to get to your Registration Landing Page.
  2. Then click on Division Managers.


  3. Select the Customer Name and the Program Name for the Division you'd like to assign a manager for.

  4. Click on Load Divisions.
  5. Put a check mark in the box in the Is Division Manager column for the division you want to assign that user to.

  6. Click Update at the bottom.

*Please note, if a user already has the Club Admin role you will not need to assign the Division Manager role

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