Age Range Tips and Tricks

Having trouble figuring out those age ranges? No worries! We have created a chart that will help you figure this out. 

This age chart uses an April 30th cut off. If your sport uses this cut off date, all of your maximum ages will start on May 1st and all of your minimum ages will end on April 30th. 


UPDATED for 2018 Season


 Age Chart Tips and Tricks for 2019

 ** If your age range cuts off on December 31st, your maximum age must start on January 1st and your minimum at must end on December 31st. 

Example: A U16 age range with a Dec 31st cut off would be 1/1/2003-12/31/2003.

Working off of this, a U14 age range would be 1/1/2005 - 12/31/2005


** If your age range cuts off on July 31st, your maximum age must start on August 1st and your minimum age must end on July 31st.

 Make sure your maximum age is always starting on the first of the month and your minimum ends on the last day of the month. Think of it this way, your maximum age (oldest allowed) should almost always be on the 1st of the month, this way you are capturing everyone born in that month/year.  Your minimum age (youngest allowed) should almost always be on the last day of the month, this way you are capturing everyone in that month/year.


What happens if my divisions go by grade and not age??

Because a participant's date of birth is a part of the account information, this will not change for the life of the system. Grade is something that you would have to continuously change.  For grade based registration, you'll want to make sure your age ranges encompass the summer on both the maximum and minimum ages ranges.  Also, name your divisions by grade, that way when a parent does have a child with a summer birthday and they see two programs as available, they'll know exactly what program they are registering for.


What happens if I have set the age ranges but people are still having trouble fitting into a division?

A common mistake we see is a full year of age range missing between divisions. If you have one division max/min set from 1/1/2005-1/1/2006 and the next division up is 1/1/03-1/1/04, you've technically only captured one full year of your customer base for reach division, rather than two full years.  The entire year of 2004 is missing, thus anyone born in 2004 would not see a program as available to register for. Remember to close these gaps between the divisions and so everyone will fit into a division. 

Another Common mistake is setting the maximum as 12/31 and the minimum as 1/1.  For example, 12/31/2005-1/1/2006, instead of capturing two full years, you are now only capturing two days. The correct setup to capture two years is 1/1/2005-12/31/2006.

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