Step 2: Program Questions

Step 2: Program Questions

Display or Require stock questions, or add any custom questions, that will be asked to participants registering for this program.

Example of a Custom Question:
Radio Button Type: Do you need transportation assistance?
Answer Options: Yes; No; Maybe so.

Steps to Configure Program Questions:

*If you're not already on Step 2 of the Registration Wizard, you can get to it by going to Registration >> then Edit next the Program you need to edit >> then click on Step 2.

  1. No need to ask Street Address, Email, or Phone Number. We ask that for you when a User creates an account! You also do not need to ask Name, Gender or Birthdate of the participant. This is asked before they choose a program. 
  2. Move switch to YES to require users to answer the question before moving on. Keep switch at NO to make the question optional to answer.

  3. Remove questions you do not want to display for this program.

  4. Click on Preview to see what the question will look like to participants during the registration process.

  5. If available, click on Edit next to a question to edit it.

  6. Feel free to update the sort order of the questions to display however you'd like. You can drag & drop to reorder the questions on this step, as well!
  7. Make sure to always click on Save Settings after editing.

  8. See how to configure custom questions below or click on the green Next button to go on to Step 3: Special Discounts & Fees.

Steps to Configure Custom Questions:

  1. Too add a custom question, click on Add New Question. *Upward Partners can only add 3 custom questions because the Upward ULM report only pulls the first 3 custom questions created. If your program is not an Upward program, you can add as many custom questions as you'd like!

  2. Choose a Question Type. Select any of our Predefined Questions or add your own custom questions!

  3. To view an example of how the Custom Question Type will appear, click on the Example button.

  4. Click on Add next to the Custom Question Type to configure the question and add it to this program.


    Custom Question Types:
    • Text or Multi-line text: Capture responses as free form text.
    • Drop-down list: You create the drop-down choices.
    • Check Box: You create the check boxes. Best for when you want multiple answers.
    • Radio Box: You create the radio button options. Best for yes/no questions.
    • Uniform Selection: Allows you to create custom uniform questions that tie in directory with our Uniform Report
    • Date Selection: Create a question with a Date Picker.
    • Waiver: You add a disclaimer, waiver, release, etc. for people to agree to.

  5. For custom Tryout Program questions, you can select which step to display your program questions in. "During Tryout Registration" means the question will be asked during the tryout portion process. "During Division Registration" means the question will be asked after the participant has made the team and is coming back into the system to accept their position and pay for the division.

  6. Please follow the onscreen help text to configure the Custom Question Type that you want to add. 


  7. If you wish to add a hyperlink to your question, you will find that option in the advanced settings of the question set up. This will allow the question itself to become a link. This is great for waiver questions when you might need to link them to more information or something to sign. 

  8. Click Save Changes for your question. 

  9. You can preview your question to see what the question URL will look like to the public. 

  10. Click on the green Next button to go on to Step 3: Special Discounts & Fees.

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