Step 6: Division Details (Open/Close Dates, Price, Age, Gender, etc.)

Step 6: Division Details (Dates, Price, Age, Gender)

Programs contain any number of Divisions (i.e. U10 Boys, 8th Grade Girls, 10 AM Coed Session, etc). Configure the following division-specific information:

  • Season Dates
  • Registration Dates & Times
  • Price
  • Gender
  • Age Range
  • Wait List*
  • Payment Plans*
  • Max # of Participants*
  • Early Bird Discount & Deadline*
  • Late Fee & Deadline*
  • Tryout Fee*
  • Division Description*
  • Custom Division Fees*
  • Custom Division Discounts*

*You’ll need to go to the Advanced settings for each Division to configure this information.

Steps to Configure Division Details:

*If you're not already on Step 6 of the Registration Wizard, you can get to it by going to Registration >> then click on Edit>>Divisions next to the Program for which you need to edit the Divisions.

    1. Enter a Division Name (i.e. U10 Boys, 8th Grade Girls, 10 AM Coed Session, etc). *Note: Divisions will be listed alphabetically. 

    2. Select the Gender for this Division. Is it for Males, Females, or is it Coed?


    3. Enter the Division Price. How much does this division cost?

    4. Select your Season Start Date & End Date for this division. This will give the participants a time frame for the division.

    5. Select the Minimum Age (Youngest age allowed) & Maximum Age (Oldest age allowed).

      *This is extremely important: a division will not show as available to a participant if their date of birth does not fall within the age range you set here. We recommend expanding the dates and allowing the parents to select between divisions that are close to the age of the participant. If you register by grade we recommend expanding the dates allowing parents to select the appropriate grade. 


      If you are confused about what to put in the minimum and maximum age ranges, we recommend utilizing an age chart and checking out our Age Range Tips and Tricks guide.

      Here is an example of an age chart used by AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization).

      Here is an example of an age chart used by Little League Baseball.

      Little League Baseball also includes an age calculator on their site to help you determine a participant's "league age." If you choose the Little League integration in Step 1 of your Registration form, the age ranges will automatically populate based upon Little League Age guidelines.

    6. Select your Registration Open Date & Close Date.


    7. Select your Registration Open Time & Close Time.


    8. If want to configure a Wait ListPayment Plan(s), Late FeeEarly Bird Discount, etc. please click on the Advanced settings for the Division.


    9. An easy way to create more divisions in this program if you want to keep the same dates is to just Copy the first division you created. This will copy the division so that all you need to do is change the name and then update the gender, price, min/max age range, or anything else you'd like to update!


      Or you can start from scratch again with a brand new division by clicking on the Add New Division button.


    10. Click on Save & Finish when you're done editing. You can always come back to edit any Program and Division information! 

    11. Last but not least, and certainly optional, do a test registration to see things as a parent would!


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