Step 1: Program Information

A Program is made of all the Program Information (Program Type, Activity Type, Questions, Fees, etc) and Division Details (Dates, Price, Ages, Gender, etc). 

Steps to Create a Program:

  1. Once you're logged in as Club Admin, click on the Registration tab on the admin menu bar at the top of the screen and navigate to the Registration Landing Page.

  2. On the Registration Landing Page, click on the New Program button.

  3. Choose the Registration Type


    Non-Tryout Program: Includes Team Building & Scheduling.
    Tryout Program: (Tryout Program Overview) Two-step registration process. Step 1 - registering for the actual tryout. Step 2 - accepting a position on a team after tryouts (if offered a spot). Includes Team Building, Scheduling, and Automated Team Acceptance and Non-Acceptance Email Notifications.
    Camp: Most basic program type. *Important: This program type does not include any Team Building or Scheduling features. 
    Team Coach Registration -Youth: ( Team Coach Registration- Youth Overview) Allows for a coach to create a team and invite players to accept spots through an invitation code used during registration. 

    ****Registration type can not be changed once it is selected****

Step 1: Program Information

Fill out the Program Name, Activity Type, National Affiliation and an optional Program Description.

Program Name: 2017 Spring Baseball
Activity Type: Baseball
National Affiliation: Little League Baseball
Program Description: The season starts in the spring and runs through June. 

Steps to Configure Program Information:

*If you're not already on Step 1 of the Registration Wizard, you can get to it by going to Registration >> then click on New Program. Or click on Edit next to one of your previously created forms to edit the Program Information.

  1. Enter a Program Name. We suggest including the year, season, & sport for your Program Name. For example, 2017 Fall Baseball. This will help with running program specific reports later on.
  2. Select the Activity Type.

    ** Please note that choosing Soccer as an Activity Type will require 3 questions in Step 2. These questions are required of all soccer players through US Soccer Federation. **
  3. Select the National Affiliation. If you do not have an affiliation, select None. If you know your affiliation, this is an important selection as it will auto fill certain parts of the registration process to match national requirements. 


  4. Enter in an optional Program Description. This text will be visible to registrants when clicking on the Program Name during the registration process.


    ***Once Step 1 has been saved, you will only be able to edit Program Name and Program Description. This is done to prevent any confusion caused by disabling affiliation settings from switching out information.***
  5. Click on the green Next button to go on to Step 2: Program Questions.



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