Step 4: Team Personnel

Display stock Team Personnel Roles, or add Custom Team Personnel Roles, that will be available for users to sign up for during the registration process.

Example of Custom Team Personnel: Snack Mom/Dad

You also have the ability to edit Team Personnel across all programs. For more information on how to do that, Click Here.

*If you're not already on Step 4 of the Registration Wizard, you can get to it by going to Registration >> then Edit next the Program then click Team Personnel

Move switch to YES if you want to display a Team Personnel Role for this Program.



Steps to Configure/Edit Custom Team Personnel:

  1. To add a custom volunteer role, just add the Name of the volunteer role in the Custom Team Personnel box. Then click on Add Team Personnel.

  2. You can now click on Edit next to the new team personnel or existing standard roles to add any custom questions or edit the existing questions.

  3. You can choose to display or require standard questions on the team personnel page. If you want to run a background check through a third party, you might want to require questions like SSN or Drivers License #. You can also choose to add your own custom question at the bottom. 

  4. You also have the chance to require document uploads from the team personnel. This is useful if paperwork is needed such as a coaching certification, medical waiver and proof of background check. Create a question for each document upload you require. After they have been uploaded by the team personnel, they can be verified in Team Personnel Verification.


  5. Please make sure to always Save after editing by clicking on the Continue button prior to updating the form. 

  6. You also have the ability to customize roles per program by displaying different questions. For more information on how to do this, Click Here.
  7. Click on the green Next button to go on to Step 5: Program Emails.

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