Send Balance Statements to Delinquent Accounts

Balance Statements

Balance Statements allow you to identify and communicate directly with accounts that have open balances. You can search by Player First or Last Name, Program Name, Division Name, Team Name, or Billing First or Last Name and send out emails to accounts who have open balances. Balance Statements can be emailed with personalized notes or they can be printed.

Steps to Send Balance Statements:

  1. Go to Orders >> Balance Statements.

  2. Search for a user or group of users from our searchable field options (see image below). *Note: You can also filter or sort by Account First or Last Name, Order Amount, and Total Open Balance. If you need to view Order Details, then click the Order Details  button to the right of Open Balance.


  3. Select who you want to send the Balance Statement to by checking the box to the left of the Account First Name. Check the box at the top of the column if you want to send a Balance Statement to all of the accounts within your search criteria. Then, click the Continue button. 

  4. Choose whether you'd like to send the balance statement to the Lead AdminAccount(s), Allocated Team Personnel, or Division Manager(s) by placing a check mark in their respective check boxes. Each account will receive only their own open balance statement.

    Account(s) - the account holder/user.
    Division Manager(s) - any Division Manager assigned to the Division(s) within your search criteria.
    Allocated Team Personnel - any Personnel that have been allocated to teams within your search criteria.


  5. You can apply the same message to each Balance Statement by adding a note at the top of the screen. See image above.

  6. Add a Custom Message to each user's Balance Statement by clicking the Note button to the right of Open Balance. Make sure you hit Save once you are done. 


  7. When you're finished, click on Send at the bottom to email the Balance Statement(s).

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