Receive Payments for Open Orders

Receive Payments

Receiving payments on open orders is an essential task to keeping your financial records accurate. If an order is open, this means a balance is due. This usually happens when the user selects Mail in Check as the payment method at checkout or paid only the minimum payment on an order. In order to receive payments for an order, please follow the steps below to ensure accurate accounting of all funds received.

Steps to Receive Payments for an Open Order:

  1. Go to Orders. Make sure to check the box in the upper right corner to only show Open Orders

  2. Search for a specific order by:
    • Player First Name
    • Player Last Name
    • Program Name
    • Division Name
    • Team Name
    • Billing First Name
    • Billing Last Name

    You can also filter by:

    • Order #
    • Order Date
    • Account Name
    • Order Amount
    • Open Balance
    • Payment Status
    • Payment Method


  3. Click Manage next to the order you wish to Receive Payments for.


  4. Click Receive Payments on the Order Details screen. 


  5. In the Payment Options for Registration section, enter the amount you received for the order. *Note: If the order has multiple players associated with it, then you can divide the received payment among the players however you like.


  6. Scroll down and select the appropriate Payment Type *Note: If you received a check, then the Reference/Memo section is a good place to put the check number and any other notes.

  7. Select either Yes or No for the Email Confirmation option (this will be sent to the account holder's primary email address).

  8. Click Submit
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