Refund Payments for Open Orders


You will only be allowed to refund credit card payments if you have enough money in your invoice balance pool. Your pool consists of credit card payments collected during the current invoice period. Check out our disbursement schedule on our Accounting FAQ’s page to see when invoice periods begin and end.

Money will start accumulating in your pool at 6:01 PM ET at the beginning of the next invoice period. You can always refer to the Account Summary Report, located in the Billing Reports section, to know the amount of money in your pool. Be sure to enter the disbursement period end date as the Start Date.

If you do not have enough funds, you will be notified when trying to refund. 

In order to ensure that the CC fees are taken out correctly, you can only refund back 95% of the order or wait until more money is collected into your pool. If there is an order of $100, you can only refund back $95 at the time if that is the only order in the invoice period. You can always refund back the full amount as long as there are more funds in your pool. 

The Service Fee is non-refundable.  

Refund Open Orders

Order amounts that show up on the Open Orders screen in parentheses are amounts that the club owes the user -either for a partial refund or cancellation.

Steps to Refund Payments for an Open Order:

  1. Go to Orders and check the box to "Only Display Open Orders".

  2. Search for a specific order by:
    • Player First Name
    • Player Last Name
    • Program Name
    • Division Name
    • Team Name
    • Billing First Name
    • Billing Last Name

    You can also filter by:

    • Order #
    • Order Date
    • Account First Name
    • Account Last Name
    • Order Date
    • Payment Status


  3. Click Manage to the right of the order (amount will be in parentheses).


  4. Once you are on the Order Details screen, click on Refund


  5. In the Payment History section, click on the Refund button. Then enter in the amount for the refund. *Note: If the order has multiple players associated with it, you can divide the refund amount among the players however you like.


  6. Scroll down and select the appropriate Refund Method. If you issue a check, the Reference/Memo section is a good place to put the check number and any other notes.

  7. Select either Yes or No for the Email Confirmation option (this will be sent to the account holder's primary email address).

  8. Click Submit
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