Convert Manual Subscriptions to ARB Subscriptions

Converting Manual Subscriptions to ARB Subscriptions

With our Payment Plan feature, you are allowed to manage installments for any of your players. This includes being able to search for players with installments due, send email reminders about installments, and make payments for parents towards their pending installments.

This also includes being able convert any manual subscription to an Automatic Recurring Billing subscription. 

Steps to Convert a Manual Subscription to an Automatic Recurring Billing Subscription:

  1. Go to Orders  >> Payment Plans.

  2. Click on the Manage Manual Subscriptions button.

  3. On the Manage Manual Subscriptions screen, search, sort, or filter for the installment(s) you are looking for. Click Convert to ARB next to an installment. You might need to scroll to the right within the page in order to view this. 

  4. Make sure you fill in all of the user's credit card information in the Payment Information section. This includes the Credit Card Number, the Expiration Month/Year, the Cardholder First and Last Name, and the Billing Address associated with the card.

    *Note: You cannot convert to ARB unless you have ALL of this information.

  5. Place a check mark next to the subscription you would like to convert. If you would like to convert all subscriptions to ARB, then place a check mark in every single check box.

  6. Click Submit to update these subscriptions. 
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