Manage Manual Subscriptions

Manage Manual Subscriptions

With our Payment Plan feature, you can manage installments for any of your players. This includes being able to search for players with installments due, send email reminders about installments, and make payments for parents towards their pending installments.

Steps to Send Payment Reminder Emails:

  1. Go to Orders  >> Payment Plans.

  2. Click on the Manage Manual Subscriptions button.

  3. On the Manage Installments screen, you can sort or filter the installments that are due by several categories:

    • Due Date
    • Order #
    • Account Name
    • Email
    • Player Name
    • Program Name
    • Division Name
    • Team Name
    • Amount
    • Balance
    • Plan Name
    • Installment Fee

  4. Once you know which people you need to email, you can select one of them to send an email reminder to by checking the box to the left of the payment date. To email All, check the box at the very top of the list.

  5. Click on Send Payment Reminder to send the payment reminder e-mail to the account holder(s) primary email address.

  6. You will be able to view the email that will be sent. Click on Send Mail. The account holder will receive an email reminder that includes the Payment Plan they selected, the installment due date, and the amount due. 

  7. From this email, the account holder can login to their account and easily make a payment on your site. *Note: payment plans are set up to send an automatic email reminder to the account holder 7 days prior to payment due dates. 

Steps to Edit Payment Plan Dates or Amounts for Installments:

  1. Go to Orders >> Payment Plans.  Click on the Manage Manual Subscriptions button.

  2. Find the payment plan installment(s) that you want to adjust and click on Edit. Here you can adjust due dates and amounts for each installment that has been converted to manual. See some tips below:

    Balance Amount Tips: 
    Amounts for each installment must be greater than 0 and must add up to the total. 

    Due Date Tips: 
    Dates for installments can only be moved backwards up to tomorrow OR moved backwards up to the day after the date of the installment before it. Also, dates for installments can only be moved forward up to the day before the next installment date. You cannot change an installment date to today's date.

    Other Tips: 
    An installment is not able to be edited if any of the following apply:

    • Installment has already been paid
    • Installment is still set up as automatic recurring billing
  3. If you have ARB enabled, a user can now log back in and update their credit card information to enroll in automatic recurring billing for this payment plan with the adjusted due dates and amounts. 

    Please Note: If you want to edit the total amount of the order for the payment plan by adding a fee or subtracting a discount, you'll need to follow the steps here first to edit the order.


Steps to Make Payments through Manage Installments:

  1. Go to Orders >> Payment Plans.  Click on the Manage Manual Subscriptions button.

  2. The open orders will show up by each account’s installment due date. Click on Make Payments for the installment you wish to make a payment towards.

  3. The Make Payments screen will show you the open order and give you the option to pay for any or all of the installments.

  4. Simply select which installment(s) you want to make a payment for by putting a check mark in the check box next to each price, adding any necessary reference/memo information, and submitting the payment!

  5. You can also do this through Open Orders.
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