Manage ARB Subscriptions

Manage ARB Subscriptions


ARB stands for Automatic Recurring Billing. When a user signs up for a payment plan at checkout, they will agree to have their credit card automatically charged for the price you have set during payment plan creation on the dates you have set. At some point, you may need to update a user’s credit card information/billing address or cancel their subscription(s).


Steps to Manage ARB Subscriptions:


  1. Go to Orders >> Manage Installments.

  2. On the Manage ARB Subscriptions screen, you can search or sort subscriptions that are due by several categories:
    • Order #
    • Account Name
    • Player Name
    • Program Name
    • Division Name
    • Plan Amount
    • Plan Payment
    • Plan Balance 
  3. To export the list of subscriptions to Excel, click on the Export Table button near the top of the screen.
  4. Click Manage to the right of a subscription to expand the details (edit credit card info or cancel a subscription).


To Edit Credit Card Information for a Subscription:


  1. Click on the Edit button after expanding the details (click the downward facing arrow to the right of a subscription to expand its details).

  2. Type in the user’s new credit card information. *Note: Make sure their billing address is the billing address for their new credit card. If not, you can update it here.
  3. The system defaults to automatically update the remaining installments in the subscription, but you can deselect the check boxes to only update certain subscriptions.

  4. When you’re finished, click Submit at the bottom.



To Edit Payment Plan Dates or Amounts for a Subscription:


  1. First, you'll need to cancel any subscriptions that you need to edit to adjust the date or amount. This will take the payment plan off of automatic recurring billing and place the payment plan on the manage manual subscriptions page.

  2. Now click on the Manage Manual Subscriptions button.

  3. Find the payment plan installment(s) that you want to adjust and click on Edit. Here you can adjust due dates and amounts for each installment that has been converted to manual. See some tips below:

    Balance Amount Tips: 
    Amounts for each installment must be greater than 0 and must add up to the total. 

    Due Date Tips: 
    Dates for installments can only be moved backwards up to tomorrow OR moved backwards up to the day after the date of the installment before it. Also, dates for installments can only be moved forward up to the day before the next installment date. You cannot change an installment date to today's date.

    Other Tips: 
    An installment is not able to be edited if any of the following apply:

    • Installment has already been paid
    • Installment is still set up as automatic recurring billing
  4. Now the user can log back in and update their credit card information to enroll back in to automatic recurring billing for this payment plan with the adjusted due dates and amounts. 

    Please Note: If you want to edit the total amount of the order for the payment plan by adding a fee or subtracting a discount, you'll need to follow the steps here first to edit the order.  You are unable to disable the email notification when adding a fee to an ARB plan.  


To Cancel a Subscription:


  1. Click on the Cancel Subscription button after expanding the details to cancel a subscription for a single installment.

  2. Click on the Cancel All Subscriptions button after expanding the details to cancel the subscription for all installments.
  3. Cancelling subscriptions will leave an open balance for the order. It will not cancel the actual order. *Note: If you ever cancel an order with an ARB subscription, then the system will cancel all of the associated subscriptions.
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