Family Max and Non-Volunteer Fee

We have two new fee/discount features that will make your order management even easier! You can now add a Family Max amount and a fee for anyone who chooses not to volunteer. Both of these are managed via the Donations, Fees & Discounts section of your Site Settings (Common>>Site Settings).

Configure Non-Volunteer Fee

This fee is charged if no one associated with an account signed up to volunteer for any program during the indicated time frame. If the fee is set “Once per player,” each player registered will be charged the fee once, no matter how many programs they register for. If the fee is set “Once per account,” each family account will be charged the fee only once within the designated date range.  If the fee is reset, users who already paid the site-level fee will incur the fee again during their next registration.

Configuring the Family Max

Individual accounts will not be charged in excess of the Family Max during the indicated time frame. If the max is set “Total Price,” all division prices and any other fees or discounts within the order will count towards the max amount. If the fee is set “Division Price,” only the division prices will count toward this max amount set. Administrators MUST use the Start Date and End Date fields to determine the date range when this Family Max is applied.


Configuring a Custom Fee or Discount in Site Settings

Blue Sombrero allows administrators to set custom fees and discounts in the Site Settings. This Fee/Discount can be set to charge once per account or once per order. An example of this is charging a mandatory yearly membership fee per account. You can create multiple fees and discounts in this section.

To set up the fee/discount scroll down to Custom Fees and Discount heading and type the discount/fee question (example: Yearly Membership Fee).

Give the Discount/Fee a name (Yearly Membership Fee).

Choose if it is a discount, fee, or mandatory fee.

Choose how you want this fee to apply(Once Per Order or Once Per Account).

If you choose to have it only charge Once Per Account, please choose the Start and End Date for this fee/discount. The date range is important because the fee will only be added once per account for the length of time that is set. This is important for a Membership Fee, because it is something usually charged once a year per family. 


To learn more about what else can be found in the Site Settings, Click Here

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