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Player Transfers

Our Transfer feature is often used when a participant plays up a division (i.e. the participant's birth date actually falls into the U10 division's age range, but the participant will be playing up in the U12 division). Transferring a player will cancel their initial order (for the U10 division) and generate a new order (for the U12 division). Payments associated with the initial order will also be applied to the new order.

If the result of the transfer is that the family is due a refund (say they paid in full for the U10 division, but the U12 division costs less money), then you can initiate the transfer and process a check refund all at once! See steps below.

If the result of the transfer is that the family owes additional fees (i.e. the new division is more expensive than the initial division), then you can leave an open balance to be paid by the parent at a later time.

Steps to Transfer a Player:

  1. Go to Orders.

  2. Search or filter for the specific order you would like to transfer and click the Manage button next to the order.

  3. Once you are on the Order Details screen, click Transfer to the right of the player you would like to transfer. 

  4. Select the Program and Division to transfer the player to.

  5. You can make any adjustments to the balance in the Adjustment Amount box - use a negative (-) sign to subtract an amount. If the division that you are transferring to is more expensive, then you may want to adjust the amount so that the parent does not owe any additional money.

  6. Team Personnel: If one or more account users associated with the participant are registered as a Team Personnel in the same division as the participant's origin division, the Administrator will have the option to transfer them to the participant's new destination division. Administrators will still have the option of choosing whether or not to edit/send a confirmation email and one will be sent to the team personnel. screenshot-1.png
  7. Important: If the family has an open balance (family owes money) after the transfer, you may follow the Steps to Receive Payment for Open Orders when you receive the payment from the family.

  8.  If the family is due a refund (the club owes family money) for the cancellation, then this will appear in green next to Refund Due and the system will automatically assume you are writing the family a check right then and there.

    If you are not ready to refund the family or would like to refund directly back to their credit card instead, then please check the Refund Later box. You'll then need to follow the Steps to Refund Payments for Open Orders when you are ready to refund them.

  9. Important: When transferring or cancelling a player, you can now apply a refund to an existing open balance in the same player’s order history. Just move the radio button next to Show Details to Yes if you would like to apply the player's refund to an existing open balance in their order history.

  10. If you want to send an Email Confirmation, keep the "Send Email Confirmation check box marked off. Review the email and change any content you need to change. If you do not want to send an email confirmation, uncheck the "Send Email Confirmation" check box.

  11. Click on Save once you are ready to submit the player transfer.

**If you receive an error, stating the participant is already registered in the division, make sure to check their Shopping Cart for the division in question. You can access this by going to Common>>Search and Manage Users. From there you can view the cart in the upper right corner of their account page. If the division is located in the cart, empty the cart and attempt the transfer again.**

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