Transfer Multiple Players

Bulk Player Transfer

With the Bulk Player Transfer feature, you can move multiple players at one time from one program, division, and/or team to another. You can transfer Unallocated, Allocated, or All players. You can also transfer an entire team. Similar to the Transfer & Cancel features, you will also be able to adjust order amounts before you initiate the transfer, as well as send e-mail confirmations to the users.

Steps to Initiate a Bulk Player Transfer:

  1. Go to Orders >> Bulk Edit>>Bulk Player Transfer.Screen_Shot_2019-11-07_at_5.28.10_AM.png

  2. Use the drop down menus under Source to select the Program and Division that you'd like the players to be transferred from

  3. Use the drop down menus under Destination to select the program and division that you'd like the players to be transferred to

  4. Click the " + " sign next to the participants you'd like to transfer. If you would like to transfer all of the participants, then click the + sign at the top of the column. 

  5. Select whether you would like to send an Email Confirmation to the account holders by checking the box below the player list.

  6. Click Continue.

  7. On the next screen, you can make any adjustments to the balance in the Adjustment Amount box - use a negative (-) sign to subtract an amount. If the division that you are transferring to is more expensive, then you may want to adjust the amount so the families do not owe any additional money.  You'll also see the option to enroll the players into available Payment Plans for the Divisions. Please note - the user must log into their account to update their credit card information after the transfer to complete their enrollment into the Payment Plan.


  8. *Important: If the families have an open balance (family owes money) after the transfer, then you can follow the Steps to Receive Payment for Open Orders when you receive payment from the family.

    Please note, a Service Fee will apply if the participant is transferred into a higher priced division that creates an open balance on the account. 

  9. If the family is due a refund (club owes family money) for the cancellation, then this will appear as Refund Due and the system will automatically assume you are writing the family a check right then and there.

    If you are not ready to refund the family or would like to refund directly back to their credit card instead, then please check the Refund Later box. You'll then need to follow the Steps to Refund Payments for Open Orders when you are ready to refund them.


  10. Click Continue

  11. If you said Yes to sending an email confirmation, then you have the ability to edit the email and add extra information. 

  12. Click Finalize Transfer
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