Cancel a Single Player

Player Cancellation

*Important: Before doing any cancellations (especially if the user is due a refund), please review our Refund Scenarios and Steps page.

Inevitably, some players will end up requesting to have their registrations cancelled due to a variety of reasons such as injuries, time commitments, etc. In order to maintain accurate registration counts and financial records, it’s important to cancel the player’s order.

Steps to Cancel a Player:

  1. Go to Orders.

  2. Search or filter for the specific order you would like to cancel and click the Manage button next to the order.

  3. Once you are on the Order Details screen, click Cancel Registration to the right of the player whose registration you would like to cancel.


  4. *Important: If the family is due a refund (club owes family money) for the cancellation, then this will appear in green next to Refund Amount and the system will automatically assume you are writing the family a check right then and there.

    If you are not ready to refund the family or would like to refund directly back to their credit card instead, then please check the Refund Later box. You'll then need to follow the Steps to Refund Payments for Open Orders when you are ready to refund them.

    If you are keeping some or all of the money, you can enter a Cancellation Fee. The cancellation fee amount is the amount you will not be returning to the customer. If you have a no refund policy, this would be the appropriate place to reflect that. Once the fee is entered, you will see the refund amount decrease by the same amount. 


  5. If you want to send an Email Confirmation, keep the "Send Email Confirmation check box marked off. Review the email and change any content you need to change. If you do not want to send an email confirmation, uncheck the "Send Email Confirmation" check box.

  6. Click on Submit once you have made all necessary adjustments.
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