Transfer Multiple Team Personnel

Bulk Team Personnel Transfer

The Bulk Team Personnel Transfer feature gives you the ability to transfer multiple volunteers at one time from one Program, Division, and/or Team to another. You can transfer both Unallocated Volunteers and Allocated Volunteers.

Steps to Initiate a Bulk Team Personnel Transfer:

  1. Go to Orders >> Bulk Edit>> Bulk Team Personnel Transfer 


  2. Use the drop down menus under Source  to select the Program and Division that you'd like the volunteers to be transferred from.

  3. Use the drop down menus under Destination to select the Program and Division that you'd like the volunteers to be transferred to.

  4. Click the " + " sign next to the volunteers you'd like to transfer. If you would like to transfer all of the volunteers, then click the + sign at the top of the column. 


  5. Select whether you would like to send an Email Confirmation to the volunteers by toggling the radio button below All Volunteers to Yes or No.

  6. Click Continue.

  7. If you said Yes to sending an email confirmation, then you can add a message to the email confirmation.

  8. Click Finalize Transfer

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