Player Statistics

Record goals, scores, pitch counts, and more after each match takes place! Sport specific player stats are here!


*Note: Only those with Scheduler - Admin, Scores - Admin, or Club Admin roles will be able to update and post scores on the site -  not coaches.  Statistics shown will be determined by the Activity Type for the program selected in Step 1 of creating your Program.


Steps to Update Player Stats:


  1. Go to Schedules >> Scores.

  2. Select the Program, Division, and Scheduling Event from the drop down menus. Put a checkmark in the 'Include Matches Between External Teams' box if you have external teams in your selected scheduling group.

  1. Click on Players next to the match you want to add/update stats for.

  1. Enter in the Player Stats and Notes. These will be shown publicly when posted in View Scores.

  2. Click on Save at the bottom of the screen to record the stats.

  3. You'll need to Post Scores for them to show up on Team Pages.

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