How to Edit a Schedule After it has Been Created

Need to change a date, time or field location after a schedule has already been created? Fear not, we have a solution! Here is how you can edit an existing schedule:

1) Go to Schedules, and click on Edit next to the schedule you want to create.


2) You will now see all your matches in this schedule, with the edit and remove buttons on the right. You will also see the New Match option at the bottom of your page.


3) If you click on Edit on the right, you will be able to edit all the info of the match in a pop up. Once you have made the appropriate changes click Save on the right. If you made changes and don’t like them, you can click on Cancel.


4)When editing the match, you have the ability to choose an action. If a game has been postponed, rescheduled or canceled, this can be shown. This will display next to the game and notify the participants of the change. If the status is changed to Canceled it will disable editing for other details until status is updated to Postponed, Rescheduled or None. Please note, changing the status of an event will not open up the field for availability.


5) If you want to remove a match, click the X button on the right. You will see  Undo Delete show up, clicking this will revert your change. If you want the match to officially be deleted, click on Save & Continue at the bottom of your page.


6) If you want to add a new match you can do this by clicking on New Match on the bottom right of your screen. When you click on this it will allow you to create your new match.


Once you have input all the correct info, you can click Save if you like it or Cancel if you don’t want to add it.

7) You can also make sure a field is available to play on by clicking the Check Field Availability button.


When click on this you will be able to choose your date, location, field, and a chart showing times they are available.

If the field is available there will be a  green circle for the time. If the time is not available the circle will be greyed out.

8) Once you have finished all your changes, click on Save & Continue and proceed to the next step


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