How to Post a Schedule

Once you've finalized your schedules, you'll need to post them in order for them to show up on Team Pages under the Schedule/Results tab.  Posted schedules will also appear under Team Central >> Posted Schedules.

*Important Note: You'll need to go in and post the team rosters in order for schedules to show up on Team Pages.


1. Go to Schedules, then Manage Schedules

2. You will be able to view all of the schedules on this page. Click the ‘Post’ button on the right for the schedule you would like to post.



3. Once your schedule has been posted, you can go to Team Central >> Posted Schedules  to view it. Choose the Scheduling Group and Scheduling Event >> and click on  Print Schedule to print a copy of your schedule.  

*Important Note: Once the Schedule has been posted, it will be visible to Registered Users - anyone who has an account on your website.  Please reach out to our Support Ninjas if you would like to make this page Public - visible to anyone who visits your website.


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