How to Import a Schedule

There are three ways to create a schedule using Blue Sombrero, here is how to import your own, previously made schedule. 

Important Note: You will need to follow the EXACT format of our Schedule Template to ensure that all your games are entered correctly in the system. If you are seeing an error log when importing, take a look at this Guide for some tips on correcting your schedule.


If you are trying to create a new schedule from scratch, follow these tutorials:

How to Create a Schedule (Pairing Only)

How to Create a Schedule (Pairing Date, Time, and Field)


1.  Find the Schedules tab at the top of the page and then click the green Create a New Schedule button


2.  Select ‘Create an Imported Schedule’



3.  Fill in the Schedule Name, Select Program, Activity Type, and Select Division



4.  Allocate the Division you wish to schedule



5. Complete the Match Details and define the point values for a win, loss, and tie; you can even use half points



Important Notes:

  • Make sure the teams in your import file have the exact name as the teams in the division selected above

  • Make sure the locations and fields in the system have the same name as the locations and fields in your import file

  • We can’t stress this enough, anything that does not fit within the guidelines of the template will cause a failed import  
  • Each schedule has its own standings, make sure when importing you limit the import to only include the teams you want listed in the standings (Ex. If it is a U10 schedule make sure you only use the U10 teams if you want the standings to show correctly)

Take a look at this Guide to see a better explanation of the errors you might be receiving. 


6.  Choose the File you would like to import and click “Import CSV”. Once the CSV file is accepted click the “Generate Schedule” button.


7.  Make any changes to the matches and click “Accept” to finalize the schedule.




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