How to View, Edit, and Move Matches from the Calendar

If you need to make a change to the time, date, or field assignment for a match or just want to have a look at the schedule,

1.) Log in as an administrator and click on ‘Schedules’ at the top of the page 

2.) Click on “Calendar”


3.) This will bring up the full Calendar screen where you can edit/change matches



You have two options when it comes to moving your games.


4.  Drag and drop the game by clicking and holding down the game and moving it to the day you’d like and then confirming the move.



5.  You can also edit the game by clicking on the actual game you are trying to edit and changing the match, round, date, time, and location! To Save, click Continue. 



6.  Make sure you save everything when you’re done! You can do it at the bottom of the page by clicking Save.  Always remember to click “Save” after you make changes to the calendar!


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