How to Swap Matches on an Existing Schedule

You can do a SWAP with other matches - pairings will remain the same! Check out this handy dandy feature by clicking on "Edit" next to one of your schedules. 

Admins can now swap a match with another match within the same round (pairings will remain the same). This is helpful for teams that might not be able to play on a certain day or time.  Admins can go in and just swap their match date, time, and field with another match within the same round.

1.  Head over to the 'Schedules' tab and find an existing schedule; click the 'Edit' button

2.  Now on Step 7, click the 'Swap' button

3.  Select the two matches that you would like to swap and then hit the 'Swap Matches' button.  Important note: swaps can only happen with another match that has the same Round number.

4. After clicking 'Swap Matches, head to the bottom and select 'Save & Continue'

5.  On Step 8, click 'Save & Finish' and you're all set!


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